The committee have decided the time is right to take the group on a different path. We will soon be starting the process of setting up a social enterprise for the NV community and to take the vegan lifestyle more into the heart of Norwich. We have plans for a café and meeting space and have plenty of ideas on how we would use this space, which we will share with you at a later date. Don’t forget we have a quarterly newsletter which you can subscribe to. It has lots of interesting articles and some regular features, so go to the link and subscribe !

Veganism is on the rise and Norwich is fast becoming one of the vegan capitals of the UK, with lots of places to eat and shops to visit.

Founded at the beginning of 2014 by Penny Franiel, The Norwich Vegans are a diverse group of people living in and around the Norwich area. We’ve grown so much, we are now run by a committee of volunteers.

Currently we will be running just the Summer Fayre and Christmas Market. Whilst we are looking into starting a social enterprise café and meeting space where everyone will be welcome.

Please have a look around our website and contact us if you have any questions. You can also use the links below to visit, like, and share our social media pages.

Thank you to Reb, one of our members, for designing the Norwich Vegans logo (above). To see more of her work and to contact her for commissions go to Reb Pebble Illustrations.

Meet Our Team

Norwich Vegans Committee



Hi – My name is Penny. I started the NV group in January 2014 and was amazed at how quickly it grew. During 2015 the group hosted monthly Pop-Up Shops, day trips, local events, & Norwich’s first ever Vegan Christmas Market. I stepped down in Feb 2017 to spend more time with my ever growing furry and feathered family. It has now become The Cornflower Animal Haven, which I run and fund myself – looking after a family which has grown to almost 70 now!

My other interests are Baking, Vegan Permaculture and X-stitch, although most of my time now is taken up with the haven.




Hi – My name is Michelle. I became vegan in 2013 after watching a video on dairy farming. I was vegetarian for 20 years before that. My husband and children are also vegan.
I was part of Norwich activism when it started about 4 years ago, attending the Cube, Earthlings and outreach and have been a member of Norwich vegans since January 2015, volunteering my time to help organise events and look after the social media side of things.

I worked and travelled around the world for 10 years, collecting money from each country visited, I now have over 60 currencies!
I have home educated my children for 5 years and also run my own fun casino business.
I enjoy running, working out, reading my kindle, and watching Netflix.




Hi – My name is Alicia and I am the treasurer for the Norwich Vegans.

I am an accountant (which means I often end up being treasurer!) and have been a vegan since November 2016.

I am also involved in Norfolk SAFE, a local animal rights group.

I enjoy yoga, socialising, spending time with my family and eating (don’t we all). I also have 2 rescue cats and 2 rescue tortoises.




Hi – My name is Steve. I became vegan in 2014 after watching the documentary entitled “Vegucated”. Soon after I was relieved to discover the Norwich Vegans Group as until that point I was the only vegan I knew!

I’m involved in various forms of activism as I believe it is important to expose what goes on in the livestock industry, and to promote the kinder alternatives readily available now.

The Norwich Vegan community has had a huge positive impact on my life, and I sincerely hope you will experience the same benefits.