THE BEGINNING               *** UPDATE ***     After an incredible 3 years I have decided to step down as  group leader, but look I forward to seeing the Norwich Vegans continue to grow.

By  Penny  Franiel

I decided to try and start a vegan group in Norwich as I couldn’t seem to find anything that was just for vegans. I knew that I wanted to be more active in promoting and educating people about veganism, animal rights and so much more.

I also wanted to see if Norwich was more vegan friendly than it actually appeared to me, especially as I didn’t have any vegan friends or family members to help spread the word with.

If you are interested in campaigns, educating and promoting animal welfare, and animal rights then Animal aid is a good place to start Although not actually promoting veganism outright, they fight for better conditions for all animals involved in factory farming, slaughter houses, horse racing plus much more. So have a look and see how you can get involved in a campaign or two!


The first meeting of The Norwich Vegans took place in January 2014.The group has grown steadily since and now has a regular core group of members, with new people coming along every month.


With this site we hope to encourage more people to come along to a meeting. We also provide recipes, information, support and much more. We want to show how amazing and achievable life as a vegan really is, with a particular focus on being vegan in Norwich.

If you want to find out more about life as a vegan, making the change and how and why it happened have a read of some of the Meet Our Members


We hope the group will continue to grow, and that as a group we can bring new vegan themed events to Norwich.


There are still many people who view being vegan as restrictive, boring, isolating, expensive, weird etc. We hope that with the website and the events many more people will start to see that none of the above is true.

But see instead that words like tasty, exciting, colourful, cheap, quick and easy, compassionate and accessable can be used to describe living life as a vegan.


Although I created this website myself I had some great hints and tips from Norwich based web designer Mike Amis, check out his website