Here are some of our favourite books. For the cookery selection we have chosen books that usually give good results most of the time! These books use ingredients that can be brought  from most shops and which have fairly straight forward instructions.

If you are new to vegan cooking and baking then of course you may have some disasters, but that isn’t any different when you are learning any new style of cookery. Some people also prefer baking to cooking and vice versa. So if your cakes don’t rise it doesn’t mean your beany bake will burn !!

We hope you have fun in all your vegan adventures.


The Vegan Cook & Gardener  By (Norwich Vegans) Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining

Packed full of photos, this useful guide will help you grow your own fruit and vegetables, and then turn your produce into delicious, no-fuss vegan meals that are healthy for you and the planet.

Grow your own fruit and vegetables, herbs, salads and sprouts, and then turn your produce into delicious, no-fuss vegan meals that are healthy for you and the planet. Father and daughter team, Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining, share successful growing techniques and seasonal recipes, plus years of experience of animal-free, healthy living. They show you how to:

  • Grow your own food
  • Garden without animal products
  • Grow more challenging but delicious crops
  • Produce food all year with practical growing techniques
  • Store any excess to keep you going through the leaner months
  • Cook your produce with a selection of satisfying and delicious recipes

Discover the fun and huge sense of satisfaction that comes from cooking something you have produced yourself. Grow and eat for a more ethical, healthy and sustainable world!


  1. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World               
  2. Vegan Pie In The Sky
  3. Vegan Cookies Take Over Your Cookie Jar

By Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.

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All these books are packed full of interesting recipes that are easy to follow . The hints and tips dotted throughout the pages and colourful photos make these books a fun way to start vegan baking.


Vegan Chocolate                    By Fran Costigan

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An AMAZING book, especially if vegan chocolate creations are what you love to make. I would say you need to be a fairly confident in your baking skills to attempt some of the recipes.

There are several though that you can start with and as your confidence grows you should then be tempted to try some of the more challenging recipes.

The book is a beautiful hardback with an easy to read layout and many tempting pictures!

The ingredients for some recipes may at first appear quite extensive and the preparation for some of the larger cakes time consuming. But most of them can be prepared in advance so the final putting together made easier.

One of the most popular recipes that I’ve made are the truffles, once you make them I’m certain your friends vegan and non vegan will be asking for more!


The Vegan Scoop                    By Wheeler Del Torro.

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An ice cream book that has a huge array of recipes, from the well known to the bizarre! All easy to follow, using very few ingredients. There are several recipes for accompaniments to go with  your ice cream.

All the recipes I have made, I have used with  an ice cream maker. Although you can make ice cream without one, it is quite a bit more time consuming. From personal experience,  I’ve found you don’t quite get the same smooth texture as when you use a machine.


The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur                          By Kelly Peloza.

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Loads of recipes, divided into sections. Nuts, chocolate, allergy free plus several more.

There is a hints and tips section which is helpful, and even a peanut butter cookie for your dog. Tried and tested by Maddy!

The recipes have clear instructions and overall not too many ingredients.

A colourful hardback book with many pictures, make this a great book to own. Highly recommended.


Mrs Cupcake The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes In Town             By Mrs Cupcake.

A very colourful, hardback book  with easy to follow recipes. There is a helpful list of some of the English/ USA  variations and hints and tips on all the pages.

If you visit some of the bigger vegan fayres/ festivals you would no doubt have seen Mrs Cupcake, even if you managed to steer yourself away from her  bulging table of goodies!

From personal experience all the recipes I have tried have been a success. Highly recommended.


The Great Vegan Bean Book              By Kathy Hester.

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A fairly new book which has a large range of recipes, some quite unusual. All are straight forward to make.

Some of the beans are not readily available in the UK, but there are alternatives that you can use.

There is a section on preparing and cooking the beans and a brief description of them.

If you want to try some new bean dishes, then this book is for you.


The Big Book Of Juice And Smoothies         By Natalie Savona.

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This book will provide you with a different recipe every day of the year!

Although not vegan specific, the milk and yoghurt can just  be swapped for a vegan variety. The nutrients and benefits of each drink is listed as well as a brief description of all the fruits and veg used.

Most of the juices do require an electric juicer to make them and a blender for the smoothies.


The Bean Book              By Rose Elliot.

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A British book that has plenty of easy recipes.

Although not vegan specific, but vegetarian most can be veganised. You can either leave out the ingredient or substitute it for a vegan version or something completely different.

If you are new to vegan bean cooking then this is a good place to start.


Vegans Daily Companion        By Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

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This lovely book compiled by well known vegan author, chef and speaker in the USA, can be used in various ways.

As a daily inspirational read, finding new recipes, facts and figures, amazing stories and beautiful photos of animals.

This is a very special book and one of my favourite that I own.


Vegan Food Gifts                      By Joni Marie Newman.

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There doesn’t seem to be anything else like this on the market. With loads of ideas  which include food themed hampers, sauces, drinks and much more.

There are tags and labels for you to scan and use, as well as clear instructions on how to make easy gift packaging.

If you are not used to American recipe books, then some of the terms and foods used will be unfamiliar. But if you enjoy making your own food gifts then this is book is a great one to have.


Vegan Freak In A Non Vegan World           By Bob Torres and Jenna Torres.

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Certainly unusual, but enjoyable read. Divided into sections covering many areas of veganism.

Seen from an American perspectives, but it doesn’t make much difference as the subjects discussed are universal.

There is some strong language used, but it’s not used in an aggressive way.

Long term vegans probably wont learn much from the book.  For new vegans though, this is a good guide to help deal with some difficult situations that you may encounter especially in the early days.


The Silent Ark      By Juliet Gellatley  (viva founder and Tony Wardle

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A very powerful book about what led Juliet to start Viva. Written several years ago but still very current with the cruelty that still goes on.

Juliet is often speaking at vegan festivals/fayres. She is definitely worth listening to.  She has masses of knowledge in vegan nutrition and has read many papers and reports on all things vegan.

The viva website is packed  full of information including how to get active with campaigns and their shop has a good range of vegan goodies including some great T-shirts.


The Animal Free Shopper    Compiled By The Vegan Society

The 9th edition is the current one. It was published in 2o10 so many things will have changed since then. Although it’s still a handy resource  to have, especially if you prefer to use a book rather than an on-line something!

There are thousands of products listed under various sections, which makes it easy to check for items.

It also contains general information on veganism, animal testing criteria, glossary of animal ingredients plus much more.

A bit bulky to carry in your small handbag, mainly due to the vast amount of information included in such a small book, but a really useful one to have.