Just a reminder, this page will list regular brands that you may not think are vegan friendly. Many products do not state they are vegan, even if they are, due to being made in a non-vegan factory. This means there is a minimal risk of cross contamination of possible allergens such as dairy and egg. You can often check if this is the case by going on the particular company’s website. Even so, some vegans prefer not to risk even slight cross contamination and choose not to buy any products with this labelling. The choice is yours. Please also be sure to double check ingredients, as these are subject to change by the companies at any time.



Hobnobs   regular and choc chip

Fox’s Dark Chocolate Chunk

McVitie’s Gingernuts, Rich Tea and Rich Tea Fingers

Biscoff Caramelised Biscuits (they also make a very delicious spread – find it in the jam aisle!)

Party Rings (please check the ingredients for gelatine)

Crisps and snacks

Pringles (The vegan friendly ones are ‘ticked’ vegan on the side of the tin)

Walkers crisps (plain, prawn cocktail, salt and vinegar, worcester sauce and salt & shake)

Walkers Sensations – Caramelised Onion

RitsCrackers (Plain and Olive & Rosemary)

Sweets and Chocolate 

Starburst   original and reds

Jelly Tots

M&S own range veggie fruit gums, wine gums, fruit pastilles and sour fruit pastilles and

Florida orange creams

Elizabeth Shaw (mint crisps and gingerbread crisps)

Morissons own brand dark chocolate orange and mint thins



Vitalie Spread

Pure (all varieties)

Flora Freedom dairy free

Stork solid block (gold wrapper)

Jus-Rol pastry (puff, shortcrust, vol-au-vent, filo)

Jus-Rol pain au choc, croissant, cinnamon rolls, apple danish pastries and bread rolls

Veganwomble.com also have very helpful vegan supermarket lists ????