So far we have raised     £ 1,700   for charity !

The first year of The Norwich Vegans saw the group grow quite rapidly, this meant we had the chance to think about fundraising and putting on some events.

If you have a favourite charity that you would like us to raise funds for, please contact us. We vote for the 2 charities at our December meeting and we announce them in January.

With so many deserving charities to choose from it is always going to be hard to make the decision, so we decided to choose two and have 6mths for each. We decided to stay local with our first one and decided on Hillside Animal Sanctuary 

The June Pop-Up was our final month for Hillside, it turned out to be another successful event. We are pleased to announce the total amount we will be donating to Hillside




We have also adopted Dancer and Prancer 2 donkeys and Billy the pig. Please have a look at   to find out more about this Amazing local sanctuary.

July-Dec  2015


Our chosen charity for the next 6 months is   We will be starting in July with our BBQ to be held on Saturday 11th between 1-4. This will be our first big event which we will be hosting,  the facebook event page has all the details.

December we had our final event of the year Norwich’s First Vegan Christmas Market,It was a great success and hope it will become an annual event.

We have been able to raise £ 400 this past 6 months to donate to Animals Asia.

£400 for Animals Asia


Jan-June   2016


Our chosen charity for the next 6 months is  check out their website to see all that they do for injured  wild birds.

Please help us raise money for  this great local charity  by coming along  to our events.


Thanks to all our volunteers, customers and stall holders we were able to present a Cheque for £ 300 and 2 heavy donation tins to Wing And A Prayer.

This will help with all the hungry mouths they continue to feed at the rehabilitation centre.

A nice way to end a successful Pop-Up with the donation to Wing & A Prayer.

A nice way to end a successful Pop-Up with the donation to Wing & A Prayer.


From July- December we are now raising funds for they support and help fund non-animal research for a wide range of diseases and conditions including Brain Tumours.

Please take a look at their website to see just how much research can be done WITHOUT using animals !!

We had a very successful 6mths of fundraising for Dr Hadwen

( Now known as Animal Free Research UK )

We had 2 very heavy donation tins and Sue Overand had a busy day running their stall at our Christmas Market and The Norwich Vegans donation, all in all  we sent them a cheque for over £ 700 !


JAN-JUNE  2017

We are raising funds for   as usual we will have their donation tins available at all our events and outreach, so please help us continue being able to support  our chosen charities.