The first and probably biggest event of it’s kind in London took place on SATURDAY 29TH October 2016. A group of 17 of the NV gathered in London to take part in this Massive event, which started at Hyde Park and finished at Trafalgar Square. It was impossible to know how many people took part in the march, but I would estimate 2,000-3,000.

People travelled from all over the country, for some, ( including us) that meant several hours of travel. The atmosphere was positive, with so many creative banners, friends meeting up and the positive message that everyone was there to give. For many it was our first march, having such a positive experience made the event even more special.

The overall message  was All animals Have Rights. They do Feel PAIN, FEAR, SADNESS, LOSS, LOVE, HAPPINESS AND SO MUCH MORE, if you believe this is true, then, you can only give these rights to animals if you are a VEGAN.

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