Many of our members are very passionate about spreading what they know and love about being VEGAN. On this page you can see what these members do and how you can join in or create something of your own.

Activism  can take many forms, from wearing T-shirts with vegan related slogans/ pictures, having a  you-tube channel, creating great vegan recipes for people to share on facebook or instagram, going on marches and Demos to just letting everybody you know/meet that you are Vegan whenever the opportunity arises.

Here are some of the outreach and activism events some of our members have been doing.


Haymarket Outreach Stall ; A permanent stall  situated opposite Primark gives us the opportunity to hand out leaflets, free vegan food samples, speak to the public, answer any questions, have petitions to sign, promote the Norwich Vegans and what we do. Volunteers are always welcome, we have 4 Saturdays booked this year.


YouTube Channels

Social media is becoming a very popular way to spread the vegan message.

The Norwich Vegans has several members with very popular YouTube channels, if you are interested in having your own channel and you want some advice please contact any of the following YouTubers.

Paul –    The Hench Herbivore

Gemma –      Finding Gemma

Emma –        Banana Warrior Princess

Jamal & Anna –     Be The Change Journals

Bas –       The Everyday Vegan


T-Shirts      Wearing a T-shirt with a vegan message is an easy way to be an activist.  People will see them as you are walking in the street or at the checkout whilst packing your vegan goodies. There are so many T-shirt designs to choose from plus hats, rucksacks, hoodies and much more !

If you want to buy locally, some  Norwich Vegans  members have their own T-shirt designs and don’t forget we have our own T-shirts, Hoodies and Bags which are always for sale at the Pop-Up and Monthly Meet-Ups.


There will be more designs coming soon, so check out the website

There will be more designs coming soon, so check out the website


Vegan & Proud        A new company with some great designs!

All Glamour No Guts

Lou travels round the country attending vegan festivals with her T-shirts and many accessories check out her website.

Vegan sideKick         No T-shirts, but books, stickers, badges, fridge magnets  and more ..  So many ways to use all of these. You can find Vegan sideKick on facebook he has a huge following !


Earthlings Experience       This event  takes place all round the world throughout the year. The official International Earthlings Day is May 14th.

Paul and Gemma have now arranged two events in Norwich, they have been very popular and attracted a lot of interest from the public.

This may suit people who prefer the support of others, as you stand in a group with the Earthlings white mask on. Some people hold laptops with the film running, others hold signs and hand out pieces of paper with the Earthlings website written on it.

Usually there is no interaction with the public from the people with masks on, but sometimes a couple of people will ask questions or answer questions the public may have.

One of the Norwich Earthling Experiences


Vegan Chalk Activism

A relatively new form of activism which  also takes place globally is to write vegan messages on pavements/foot paths in public places with coloured chalk.

The aim is to find a place that the public use frequently and write or draw nonthreatening/graphic messages. They are washed away in the rain so know permanent damage/ vandalism can be caused by them.

Some of the Norwich Vegans have visited local parks to write messages, they have found members of the public interested and positive, about both the, messages and the idea behind it.

If you are interested in doing some chalk activism yourself have a look at Banana Warrior Princess doing some in London.


Hunt Saboteurs       Also known as  “Sabbing”

There is usually a group that meets some where in your area, although it may mean travelling a bit of a distance to meet where the hunts are actually taking place.

You do need to be fairly fit to take part, as crossing fields to try and keep up with the hunt over several hours can be exhausting. But there are still roles for people who don’t have this  level of fitness.

to find out more go onto your local facebook page.

Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs or contact