Hi I’m Paul Kerton, founder of the Hench Herbivore Personal Training business and YouTube channel.
I’ve been vegan since the summer of 2013. My reason initially for progressing to a vegan diet was learning of the deleterious effects that eating animal products has on our health from reading the book “The China Study” by T.Colin Campbell and watching Dr Michael Greger’s videos atwww.nutritionfacts.org.
Within the first year the strength of my eyesight improved by more than double, I cured my tendonitis and hayfever and I noticed increased energy and recovery from training in the gym. I soon decided to “veganize” my personal training business. Sure enough my clients have seen the benefit too, some even reversing T2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and totally rejuvenating a badly diseased liver of 30 years!
Since advertising as a Vegan PT I’ve never been busier (such is the surge in interest in veganism)! It’s afforded me some great opportunities too, from spending 6 months training with 2014 Mr Universe Barny du Plessis who also went vegan, doing a nutrition plan for NCFC captain and Scotland international player Russell Martin, speaking on the BBC World Service’s “Newshour” (166 million listeners!) and having a cameo in the forthcoming blockbuster documentary “The Game Changers” (Executive Producer James Cameron) which is set show the world how far from being a detriment to performance, a vegan diet is actually superior! All in all it’s an exciting time to be vegan!
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