Penny   Norwich Vegans   Group Leader.   ( Now currently not active within the group 2017)

I’m single and share my home with quite a large furry and feathered family. I enjoy baking, cooking, various crafts and  growing  veggies, fruits,  herbs and flowers in my garden using vegan organic permaculture.  I still enjoy writing snail-mail letters and going to vegan festivals, and I LOVE PIGS !

Here is my story …..

I LOVE being a vegan . I’ve been 100% vegan for just over 5 years. It would have been 8 years if it wasn’t for two foods that I found so difficult to give up and they were Galaxy chocolate and vienetta  ice cream.

One day I had a sudden urge for Galaxy, I was actually on my way to catch a bus into Norwich. This day instead of heading for the shop I told myself to just get on the bus and that was it!

That was the last time I ever had any urge for Galaxy or vienetta  again. It seemed so easy compared to the other times I had tried, there were so many times over the years that I was desperate to stop eating them but just couldn’t maintain it for very long.

I had been a vegetarian for many years before, although I believe my body tried to tell me it was supposed to be vegan ever since I was a young child.

Nearly all dairy products repulsed me and meat or fish was not eaten a huge amount in my family, fishfingers and ham were the main items I ate.

I was viewed as a picky eater by most people that knew me. When it came to school dinners 2 roast potatoes were the only things usually on my plate. My friends could never understand why I wasn’t joining them in their love of sponge puddings, trifle, semolina with rose hip syrup or custard, the food I hate most of all!

I really enjoy baking and cooking and sharing it with my meat eating friends and family. I tend to share more of the cake, cookie and chocolate treats as they seem more “normal” than other recipes.

Living a vegan lifestyle can be difficult at times especially if you like to go out and socialize and where you live isn’t particularly vegan friendly.

Also I don’t particularly like many vegan staples unless I’m baking or cooking with them, so that to can make it a bit more restrictive at times. When I stay with family or friends I tend to take some basics with me cheese, choc, homemade cookies and then use some vegetables, bread, oven chips etc to make up my meals. Most of my friends and family are not confident cooking vegan meals from scratch.
I have never had any really nasty comments from anyone over the years or had any real heated discussions as regards veganism and other animal rights issues. I’m proud to be vegan so always tell anyone that asks or needs to know and am always willing to answer questions.

One of the ways I promote animal rights and veganism is by wearing slogan T -shirts. I have quite a collection. I usually buy one at a vegan fayre or vegfest event. These are great places to visit as you see all the current products, old faithfuls and all the new ones which is so exciting as the list is growing instead of shrinking! Except when companies decide to add the pesky milk powder in what was a vegan product!
Creating The Norwich Vegans and now this website has been so amazing. I didn’t have any previous experience of either. I’ve now gained friendship, knowledge and an even greater love of being vegan with a continued desire to spread the word about just how amazing it is to be vegan.

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