This list includes specific vegan/vegetarian shops as well as regular high street shops. It will also link in with the “Yes, we are vegan!” page.

It can be quite difficult to know what foods are vegan, with all the jargon involved in labelling food. There are ways to find out what they mean via the internet, or you can contact the particular company and ask them directly if their product is suitable for vegans.

Some foods are obviously vegan eg: nuts, seeds, grains, beans, pulses, fruit, vegetables and legumes. However some products you would expect to be vegan but contain hidden animal ingredients, such as vitamin D3 in some orange juice (which is usually derived from sheep’s wool).

Once again as with the eating out recommendations, this list is based on members own shopping experiences. Things can change very quickly with some foods being vegan then “improvements” being implemented and a non-vegan ingredient sneaking it’s way into the product. The best thing to do is to check the ingredients on products you buy regularly every once in a while.

We are always looking for new vegan products, so let us know if you find any and where we can buy them!

 Rainbow Wholefoods. Labour in vain yard (Below Wild Thyme)
A well established vegetarian and vegan wholefoods shop. Everything they sell is vegetarian and GM free. They have a large range of vegan options and some raw foods. They have a chiller and freezer section, and usually have fresh breads, cakes, pastries and sweet goods to take-away. Their range of non food items include cleaners, supplements and toiletries. The closest parking facility is St Giles car park.

The Greenhouse. Bethel Street, Norwich
A small shop attached to the cafe. It sells a selection of vegetarian and vegan food, plus some non-food items. The big attraction for many people is it’s large range of vegan, organic, no-added sulphur wines! They also hold wine tasting evenings throughout the year.  Nearest parking available is The Forum multi-storey car park.

 The Green Grocer. Earlham Road, Norwich
Please note meat is sold here. The deli isn’t vegan friendly, but the shop has a good range of vegan food and non-food items. They sell local flour in larger bags, which is handy if you are an avid baker! The fruit and veg on offer is more on the expensive side but is mostly local and seasonal. There is parking outside which is shared by the other shops, so it can become very busy at times.

Herbs and Spices. 42-43 Row B, Norwich Market
This stall sells a huge range of herbs and spices. They are stored in sweet containers so you can easily see what they have. You can buy from as little as 1 ounce which makes it an economical way to buy some of the more expensive spices. There are also some prepacked dry goods such as pulses and lentils.

Folland organic fruit and veg. 30-31, Row A, Norwich Market
Sells seasonal and local fruit and veg.

Holland & Barratt
You can find a selection of vegan food and non-food items here. Stores differ on what they have on offer as some don’t have chilled or freezer sections. Many of the larger stores sell health and beauty products too. You can also buy online.
Vegan Society members get a 10% discount.

Deerly Beloved Bakery –  100% vegan bakery
Specialists in handmade and bespoke celebration cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes and mail order bakes and treats. They also do catering for all your special events. They supply cakes to Waterstones, UEA, Biddy’s Tea Room and St Benedicts Food Store

Little Shop Of Vegans
An amazing little shop owned by Norwich Vegan member Rachel. It has been open since Dec 16, and has already proven to be very popular. Rachel has a wide selection of goodies including, gifts, candles, clothes, cheese, meats, Pizzas from One Planet Pizza and a great selection of the hard to come by  range of sweet treats.

Situated at 49 St Benedicts Street, it’s a fantastic place to look for treats for yourself or vegan family and friends. For more details including the opening hours check out