Hi my name is Sindy,  I live in a vegan household with my husband and two rescued rabbits and guinea pigs.  This is my story…….


I’ve been a vegan since 2012, prior to this a vegetarian. I had heard of Veganism but although I liked the idea of it ( when I really thought about dairy / eggs it did gross me out somewhat; food that came from a stomach of an animal and a hen’s unfertilised period !) I had never really given it too much thought.

It was only when I came across a vegan outreach stall at an Indian Festival that I found out more. It transpired the people running the stall were from my city’s Animal Rights Group, and whilst giving me samples of yummy vegan food to try, they informed me about the many benefits of being vegan and revealed the harsh realities of the dairy and egg industries.

It was a cartoon picture of a baby calf and it’s mother being forcibly  seperated  that effected me the most and wouldn’t leave my mind, and although I didn’t manage to become vegan immediately, thinking of that picture really spurred me on.

I got, and continue to be, actively involved in animal rights and have met so many vegans and feel like my life has got such a  strong sense of purpose, which is to do what I can to make the world a more peaceful place.

I feel so relieved knowing my actions aren’t causing animal suffering and I feel such a great connection with , and love for animals, being around them brings me so much joy.

I joined The Norwich Vegans barely knowing anyone in my local area due to a recent relocation, I have met so many lovely people and friends through this group. I’ve  always found vegans to be so kind, caring and non-judgemental and it’s a lovely feeling surrounding yourself with such nice people.

Becoming vegan is one of the best things I’ve ever done and I would encourage everyone to give it a try.

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