Hi I’m Steve, 55 years young with a grown up son and incredibly good taste in music, movies and football. I have an opinion about everything, which I will happily share with you !!   This is my story…..

For the first 54 years of my life I ate meat and diary, wore leather the whole thing. When I look back now, I realise that I was making excuses to do this. That part of me that realised it was wrong, but I didn’t know what the alternative was or how to go about changing it.

I justified this in many ways. By opting for free range where it was available, by accepting the arguments such as humane slaughter and circle of life etc. I would never eat certain “products” once I had become aware of just how awful the process was. Such as veal and would not eat lamb once I found out how young they went to slaughter, but nobody ever told me about the dairy industry.

The” light bulb” moment for me, came about when I was able to give up a stressful job, and for the first time in years take a proper break. My son had a Netflix contract, and I was browsing the programmes when I came across a documentary called Vegucated this was in Jan 2014.

I watched it and at the end knew I had to do something to change, because I had always considered myself to be kind to animals and yet how could I be ? The next day I watched it again and then set a course for a Vegan Lifestyle.

This involved a couple of months of reading, watching more documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, Food inc and also discovering speeches by Gary Yourofsky and Phillip Woollen to name but two.

I made a lot of mistakes in those first couple of months, got downhearted, frustrated, felt alone, suffered taunts from “friends” but managed to stick to it. I  learned to read the list of ingredients on food packets and I learnt to cook. I also found many vegan recipes sites online.

The major turning point for me after Vegucated  was discovering local vegan groups on facebook, which helped me to find so many like minded people !

Now, Vegan for 14 mths  I am 42 lbs lighter and much healthier. I recognise this is a journey and I am learning new things all the time, but one thing is for sure I have changed for life, and the only regret I have is it didn’t happen sooner.

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