Most of their own brands are vegan. They also sell Barry M which are not tested on animals and most of their products are vegan. Check on their website for more details.

Well known vegan friendly company, most of their products are vegan. If you are not
sure then just ask,they are usuall clearly labeled though.

Original source
Shower gels, shampoos, conditioners etc. You can often buy them in Poundland, 99p stores as well as boots, Superdrug and many other places.

Body shop
Some of their products are vegan. Usually the staff can check for you if it’s not clear from the labelling.

Neals Yard
Some of their products are vegan. Staff are usually able to find out if they are. Also they sell loose herbs and some spices – great if you like to make your own teas, herb sachets etc.
Based in Norwich, Danielle Sands ( is an independent consultant for Neals Yard, as well being trained in both EFT and NLP. She is able to support people in difficult times in their life plus much more. Check out her website for more details. Highly recommended.

Montagne jeunesse
Mostly facial products facepacks, masks etc and come in packets for single use. Great for stocking fillers as the price is usually only £1. They can be brought from Wilkinson, Savers and Superdrug.

Tropic Skincare

Tropic are a 100% vegan, natural and cruelty free brand that make make-up, body products, face care and more. We had an ambassador come to a meeting and let us try out their products and we were very impressed! Please see the link below to see their lovely products and for any enquiries.