Changing to a vegan lifestyle can often seem daunting. With all the labels, lists and new shops that initially may need to be checked out. Using the internet is a good place to start if you don’t know any other vegans.


It can also be exciting trying out new things, that perhaps you have not even considered using before. Most people are already using and eating some things that are already vegan but just not view them in that way. Peanut Butter, Marmite and jam are all vegan.

On these pages we will aim to keep a good, but not inclusive list of regular Vegan items, including where you can buy them.


Due to many products changing on a regular basis, please check every now and then that they are still vegan friendly, as we may not have used the product ourselves for a while and therefore missed the change. If you find any new vegan friendly item or place to eat then please let us know.


Some people may prefer not to use supermarkets and bigger stores depending on how strongly they feel as regards the ethics of the particular company, which  is often not in line with many vegans.


For many people,  especially those who are transitioning to a vegan lifestyle these stores can provide both convenience and cheaper options. They can be easily worked in with a family shop which is helpful, if the rest of the family are not making the change to veganism.

Feeling Awkward.

Not feeling awkward when out with non vegan family or friends can be important. So knowing what you are able to buy at the supermarket or local shop can help with that.


Lastly there is also the view that buying from supermarkets helps promote veganism and the need for them as companies to stock more options.

A really good site for loads of ” vegan things ” is The Vegan Womble. They also have many of the supermarkets and bigger stores vegan friendly item list that you can download. They  also have a facebook page really worth a look.

Another helpful site is Veganuary. It has a shopping list section where you can search for a product and find vegan alternatives, and a categorised recipe section too.